Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Landscape Lights
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Landscape lights have become an indispensable part of modern landscape design. They do not only have high ornamental value, but also emphasize their harmony with the historical culture of the scenic spot and their surrounding environment. Landscape lights use different shapes, light colors and brightness to improve landscapes. For example, a landscape light in the shape of a red lantern could bring a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lights set up a tropical style by the pool. Landscape lights are suitable for landscape places such as squares, residential areas, and public green spaces. Be careful not to overdo it when using it, so as not to overwhelm the guests and make the landscape look messy and flashy. Landscape lights also have some disadvantages, such as not being environmentally friendly.

The landscape light itself is an art, a kind of appreciation of beauty, we bring the best visual experience. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of solar landscape lights?

1. Advantages of solar landscape lights:

(1) Lighting
In fact, the lighting function of landscape lights and ordinary street lights is the same. It can provide people with light sources at night, illuminate the road and the environment, and let people continue to live at night. Different from ordinary street lights, the light color of solar landscape lights will be softer and more varied. At night, the light of the landscape light instantly highlights the main landscape, making the light landscape in sharp contrast with the surrounding environment.

(2) Aesthetic value
The main function of solar landscape lights is also for landscape decoration, that is to say, they have high aesthetic value. There are many shapes of landscape lights, only you can't think of it, no craftsman can't do it. Every model could surprise you. When you walk in a park or a scenic area, landscape lights can beautify the environment. It is precisely because of the high aesthetic value of landscape lights that many tourists will take specially photographed landscape lights as souvenirs.
In addition, landscape lights are generally coordinated with the surrounding environment or the history and culture of the area, and can become a symbol of a city or a regional national culture. In general, landscape lighting can beautify the environment and leave a very good impression of the city on pedestrians and tourists, which is a major feature of cities and scenic spots.

2. Disadvantages of solar landscape lights:

(1) High production cost
The biggest disadvantage of solar landscape lights is the high production cost. Various shapes, complex crafts, exquisite workmanship, long time, and a large amount of raw materials are required to consume huge production costs. At the same time, because of the exquisite manufacturing process of landscape lights, this means that labor costs and material costs will be much higher, so the cost will be higher, the more complicated, the higher the cost.

(2) Pollution to the environment
Compared with ordinary street lights, solar landscape lights will cause more pollution to the environment. Solar landscape lights in some places can cause light pollution and disturb the living conditions of nearby small animals. In addition, solar landscape lights may cause some pollution when they are dismantled and not in use. Because the main function of landscape lights is to beautify the landscape, but not to illuminate the roads, compared with ordinary solar street lights, they could be replaced in a shorter time. When they are discarded, they will cause some pollution to the environment.

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