Why are China's solar street lamps so popular in Africa?
Mistei, a professional manufacturer of solar LED lights 2023-01-06T06:44:24.000+0000

In recent years, solar street lamps have become more and more popular in the world. For instance, they have become very common in China, whether in new rural areas or cities. At the same time, solar street lamps are also very popular abroad, especially in Africa, which is really hot! Why on earth is this? 


In fact, the reason why China’s solar street lamps are so popular in Africa is very simple. These solar lights produced in China could meet the needs of African people, making their life better. Many African countries are close to the equator with direct solar radiation all year round, high temperature and hot weathers. It is a famous tropical region. The bountiful sunshine in these countries become a great advantage for the development of solar energy technology application. As for solar street lamps, sunlight is just used to convert solar energy into electricity for power supply. In other words, Africa is very suitable for the application of solar energy technology, including solar street lamps.


Solar energy could meet Africans’ increasing needs in electricity. Most African countries are often agitated by the frequent shortage of electricity due to their deficient infrastructure in power supply. Nevertheless, the biggest advantage of solar street lamps is to save energy and make the world remain sustainable for a longer time. In Africa, we don't have to worry too much about the problem of getting sunshine to power up solar street lamps because there are many more sunny days than rainy days all year round. So the solar battery could be fully charged every day. Therefore, our African customers even purchase solar panels in large quantities to power up their electric devices. For example, they install solar panels for their water pumps. We have to say it’s very intelligent of African people to use solar energy to improve their life.


In addition, solar street lamps are not only popular in Africa, but also in the countries close to the Equator, where people find that solar energy is much more convenient and cleaner than any other kinds of energy. And they could use bountiful solar energy to improve their life. Solar street lamps are a good choice for them.


In fact, based on our marketing experience, Mistei Lighting believes that the market of solar lamps in many countries is very promising, such as Kenya, Somalia, Indonesia, Brazil and Uganda. People in these countries have found that solar street lamps could make them enjoy their lives more. At the same time, solar street lights produced in China are preferred by international customers because of their high quality but low prices.


Mistei Lighting has always been optimistic about the African market, believing that it will be the next blue ocean in the solar industry. Solar lamps can be installed wherever the solar panels can get sufficient sunlight. The sunny days in those regions near the Equator become a natural advantage for the application of solar energy technology. At the same time, solar lamps could work well in those remote areas regardless of the connection to the grid. We hope that the solar energy industry can bring impetus to the development of African people and improve their living standards.

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