What are ambient lights (atmosphere lamps)? What are their functions?
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With the development of smart home, the smart lighting industry has gradually occupied a considerably big market share. Many smart lighting products, such as smart sockets and smart lamps, are very popular with consumers. Ambient lights or atmosphere lamps are actually one of smart lights, but many people still don’t know what an ambient light is, what functions it has and what fun they could get from its functions. Mistei Lighting ( www.szmistei.com) will discuss the ambient light, including its definitions and functions in this blog so that readers will have some corresponding understanding to it.  


  1. What is the ambient light?

Ambient lights, also known as LED ambient lights or atmosphere lamps, is a perfect choice among smart LED lights for particular venues, such as theme parks, hotels, home furnishing, exhibitions, commercial and art lighting. They are commonly used to create an atmosphere that people need for special occasions. They are different from traditional lighting which take illuminations as the main or even the only purpose. To be specific, the main or even sometimes the only purpose of the ambient light is to create special lighting effects to enhance the atmosphere for the surroundings. Illumination is always the secondary purpose of an ambient light.


  1. Atmosphere modes

Through adjusting the lighting parameters of an ambient light, users could get different atmosphere modes out of it. Users can set their favorite lighting effects to meet their lighting needs for different scenes. Usually, the lighting parameters of an ambient light are under the control of both its remote and itself include colors, temperatures, timing, brightness, warmness, directions and so on. According to their own requirements, such as their own modes and contingent scenes, users can  adjust these lighting parameters to get the atmospheres they want.


  1. Smart control

Some ambient light could be connected to the smart phone in order to obtain smart control. Convenient control by smart cellphones could provide a humanized intelligent control channel for people to create different lighting effects to meet their needs.


  1. Lighting effects

The ambient light has various lighting effects such as living, falling asleep, waking up, dining, party and so on. No matter what scenes or moods you want, you can get appropriate lighting effects through smart control in the remote or the cellphone.


  1. What are the functionsof ambient lights?


  1. Remote control

Ambient lighting is not just as simple as using a smart cellphone to control its switch, change colors or remote control. But it turns out to be more humanized and user-friendly in various ways, such as making the light more comfortable at users’ wills and predicting user needs in advance. In other words, ambient lighting is designed to meet people’s various needs and bring them greater convenience than ever.


  1. Atmosphere modes

The most outstanding feature of ambient lighting is smartly creating different atmospheres to meet users’ needs. To be specific, an ambient light (atmosphere lamp) can change its light colors according to the temperature, environment, user activities and needs. The intelligent control system within an atmosphere lamp can easily realize the integrated control of different color temperatures, brightness and luminous parts. For example, you can adjust the white lighting for reading, and switch to the sleep mode by changing the background atmosphere of the room. In one word, users are allowed to choose among different atmosphere modes to meet their needs. While their needs are met by adapting appropriate atmosphere modes in the ambient light, users will become more satisfied and enjoy more their lives.  



The leading intelligent control system with the ambient LED light can easily realize the integrated control of different color temperatures, brightness degrees, and light-emitting parts, making people's needs for lighting scenes a reality. What’s more, while mobile terminals, high-end touch screen scene switches, and convenient remote controls are integrated in the ambient LED light, users could choose among different atmosphere modes. The ambient light is defined by these excellent features and smart functions.


After reading the analysis above, everyone should have a corresponding understanding of what the ambient light is and what functions it has. The smart home industry involves a wide range of aspects. If you want to experience smart life and feel the convenience of this era, you can have a look at our website www.szmistei.com. Our R&D team has connected solar energy to ambient LED lights which are more fashionable with more intelligent functions. They are popular with customers.

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