Mistei Lighting tells you how to maintain LED solar street lights on a daily base (basic part)
Mistei, a professional manufacturer of solar LED lights 2022-12-08T06:34:24.000+0000

With the rapid development of renewable energy technology, solar energy is gradually applied in the lighting industry. LED solar street lamps have becoming the main lighting source in many yards, parks, barns, roads and streets. Although solar LED lights do not need much daily maintenance due to their high water-proof feature, some regular maintenance is still necessary in order to keep their performance and prolong their service time. Based on our years of professional experience, Mistei Lighting ( www.szmistei.com ) suggests customers could do some daily maintenance for solar lights. We want to tell you how to maintain solar street lights on a daily base in two blogs. In this blog, we will explain some basic maintenance for those customers who just use several solar LED lights for their persona properties, such as yards, gate entrances, swimming poolsides and patios. We will explain some professional maintenance for customers who are using many solar lights to light up big areas, such as streets, parks, highways, parking lots and squares.



Mistei Lighting believes that there are 5 things for customers to do in the basic daily maintenance of solar LED lights.

  1. The solar panel that is used to provide power fro a solar LED light is the core component of It is necessary to ensure that the integrity of the solar panel is not damaged by harsh weathers or shielded by other things. You’d better make sure the solar panel could receive enough sunlight at the daytime as well as work all the time. Usually, you should regularly clean and check its cover.  
  2. The solar street light remotecontrol is used to regulate its brightness and lighting time. When you find its lighting time is insufficient, check the controller and the battery. The controller is equipped with a working status display lamp, which can indicate whether the  lamp system is working normally or not. It is forbidden to adjust the working state of the  controller at will to avoid the over-impact and over-discharge of the lamp  Therefore, please check the remote control whether it’s been wrongly used.
  3. Thelamp battery stores electricity converted by the solar panel from sunshine. When doing routine maintenance, you should pay attention to whether the battery charge and discharge are normal. You can judge by checking the working state of the remote control.
  4. Solar street lamp poles and installation sealing accessories must be regularly checked in order to ensure the completenessof the lighting system. If something of them are missing or damaged, they must be fixed in time to prevent short circuits due to water ingress.
  5. Last but not the least, the basic daily maintenance should contain some emergent checks. In case of typhoon, heavy rain, heavy snow and other bad weather, check whether the solar panel, controller and battery are damaged and whether the luminous angle of the solar panel changes.

Mistei Lighting ( www.szmistei.com ) strongly recommends using solar LED lights to light up our properties. Leading a sustainable life could bring various advantages to our financial plans and the nature. Basic daily maintenance on our solar lights could not only prolong the service time of these lights but also increase the benefits from them.  

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