How to choose right outdoor solar LED lights? The suggestions of selecting outdoor solar lights.
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How to choose right outdoor solar LED lights?

The suggestions of selecting outdoor solar lights


Which brand of outdoor solar street lights is good enough for our houses or barns? How can we choose them among so many brands in the market? Nowadays, more and more people tend to use outdoor solar LED lights. After all, people could enjoy many benefits from this new lighting solution, such as easy installation, little maintenance, money-saving and safety. For instance, when using solar street lights, people could get stable light resource for a long time without worrying about paying electricity bills.

However, there are so many brands on the outdoor solar LED lighting market which people are unfamiliar with. Nobody wants to choose one with a relatively short service life. Everybody wants to choose a high quality outdoor solar light and use it for a long worry-free time. As a professional and experienced manufacturer of outdoor solar lights, Mistei wants to offer some advice about how to choose outdoor solar LED lights in this blog. We hope it can help people make right decisions when communicating with solar light dealers.


  1. Appropriate size of the solar panel


When choosing outdoor solar lights, it is important to make appropriate choice according to your actual needs. If you want to light up a big area, such as a big yard or barn, you will need one with a big solar panel. This light is strong enough for people to see clearly at night. When you want to light up a corner of your garden or entry of your patio, a garden light with a small solar panel is right. Such a small garden light could give out soft light to create some romantic and beautiful atmosphere at night. On the present market, it’s common to see outdoor solar lights with solar panels at these sizes 19*22cm, 24*35cm, 35*35cm and 35*46cm. Panels of different specifications have different power and conversion rates. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose those with more than 18%.


Mistei MSN-SR-002, a big solar panel provides much electricity for the light.


  1. The battery’s capacity


During the daytime, an outdoor solar lights absorbs heat through its panel before converting it into electricity and then storing it in its battery. At night, the light will automatically turn itself on to give out light. The battery capacity is very critical because it can determine how much electricity it can store and how long the light could light up the area. The larger its capacity is, the longer it will last. In addition, there is more than one battery in an solar light although it’s quite common to see just one in a light. When choosing outdoor solar lights, you should check the battery capacity and make sure it could last long enough at night. It’s recommended to choose lights with 3 or 4 batteries when you want to light up a big area for a long time at night.  


Mistei, MST-SG-005. Its battery capacity is big enough to make the light last longer than counterparts.


  1. The number of lamp beads


The head of an outdoor solar light is generally composed of multiple LED beads. The more beads this light has, the higher brightness it has. If you don’t know how many LED beads are suitable, you’d better consult the light dealer who will tell you how to choose according to your needs. Besides, the cover of the solar light’s head is also very important because its translucency could directly affect the brightness of the light.


Mistei, MST-SW-012. It has so many LED beads that it could give out strong light for a square.


  1. The materials of the lampshade


In the market, there are many types of lampshades for people to choose. Generally, they could be divided into two groups according to their different materials: plastic and metal. Usually, the latter is heavier, more robust and expensive than the former. It is recommended to choose the latter, most often, aluminum alloy due to their sturdy and durable features. An outdoor solar light in a aluminum alloy shade will have more stable performance and longer service life.  

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Mistei, MST-SR-013. It's die-cast in a aluminum alloy board that is sturdy and durable.


  1. Outdoor performance


The most important feature of a solar light is its outdoor performance. After its installation, the last thing we want to concern is the maintenance. Harsh weathers could reduce its lifetime and affect its performance. An outdoor solar light is supposed to resist the erosion from rain water, thunder shocks or frozen ice. It should be waterproof, dust-proof, rust-proof, sturdy and durable enough to survive tough conditions outside of the house. Particularly, in order to ensure the lightning protection function, good grounding is necessary when installing an outdoor solar light in case of an electric shock accident in those stormy days.


Mistei, MST-SG-002. It's IP66 waterproof, dust-proof, rust-proof, robust and durabe. It can work well outdoors for a long time.


Mistei is a professional and experienced manufacturer of outdoor solar LED lights. We hope these basic suggestions could help you choose appropriated outdoor lights. We provide over 30 kinds of solar lights, including garden lights, lawn lights, wall lights, street lights, landscape lights and so on. Please visit our website for more information about our products. If you find the solar light you need, just leave us a message.

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