The definition and application scenarios of solar intelligent flood lamps
Mistei, a professional manufacturer of solar LED lights 2023-01-10T07:04:01.000+0000

Flood lights, also known as spotlights, projection lights, spotlights, etc., are usually used for building outlines, gymnasiums, monuments, parks, flower beds and so on. Generally, they can be divided into two types according to power supply: public grid power supply and solar power supply. Besides, according to whether they have intelligent functions, solar flood lamps can also be divided into the intelligent type and ordinary type. The following is a brief introduction to the intelligent solar flood lamp.

The intelligent solar flood lamp could be defined as a light that is powered by solar energy with solar panels and batteries, and has some intelligent functions to control its lighting time, adjust its brightness and change its color temperatures, and other smart functions. What’s more, just like other newly-emerging smart devices in our recent lifestyle, we could manage the intelligent solar flood lamp in some smart ways, such as the APP control in mobile phones, Bluetooth&gateway one-key networking, APP switch and so on. 

The APP of an intelligent solar flood lamp 

As an outdoor lighting fixture, the intelligent flood lamp reaches IP66 waterproof grade and C4H marine grade anti-corrosion. In addition, a variety of installation methods can be selected for different use scenarios, such as floor plugging, in the floor, wall mounting, hanging with a cantilever, pole mounting and so on. Users could choose from these methods to install the lamp to meet their needs in different places.

Intelligent solar projection lamp -- hanging with a cantilever

Intelligent solar projection lamp -- ground plugging


Intelligent solar projection lamp - ground installation


Intelligent solar projection lamp -- pole mounted


Mistei Lighting produces high quality solar flood lamps for customers to light up their properties so that they could enjoy their lives better. We’re glad to provide professional suggestions to help customers choose appropriate solar lights. 

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