Key elements of solar street light design
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In recent years, solar street lights have been widely used in many places and become the new favorite for users. Different from traditional street lights, solar street lights have more advantages. Because they don't use electricity from the grid and get rid of the shackles of wires, they make installation easier in a wider range of locations, require less routine maintenance, and are safer to use. In order to improve the user experience, more and more people like to customize solar street lights. This blog mainly discusses the design elements of solar street lights, and helps laymen get a general understanding of the design concepts of solar street lights, so as to help them find satisfactory customized solar street lights.


First of all, the design of solar street lights depends on their installation places where they are used. Different regions require different styles.

Solar street lights not only have the function of lighting, but also certain practical functions. They directly provide services for people, with the purpose of improving illumination, reducing glare, and protecting light sources from damage. They pay attention to the visual effect of lighting, and street lamps can also play a certain role in energy saving and decoration. To sum up, as one of the important elements of urban landscape, street lights should be selected with coordinated proportions and graceful shapes. They must not only highlight and strengthen the characteristic atmosphere of the city, but also become a part of the decorative environment and become a meaningful element in urban lighting.


Second, the design of solar street lights needs to take a holistic view and integrate multiple elements.

The design requires comprehensive consideration of the function, style, structural characteristics, surface decoration materials, and surrounding environment of the space landscape object, and considers the integrity of the landscape, the sense of hierarchy, and the mutual echo with the surrounding landscape to create a good atmosphere. No matter how you design, street lights It must be able to create a healthy and comfortable lighting environment at night. Different regions have their own historical culture and traditional folk customs, and there are certain differences in their preferences for lightness and color, as well as their psychological feelings. Therefore, street lamp design must adhere to people-oriented, and attach great importance to people from different regions, different nationalities and different cultural backgrounds. The difference between, thus creating landscape lighting in their spiritual and spiritual culture.


Third, the design of solar street lights has a certain relationship with the landscape around.

The daily working hours of street lamps determine the requirements for continuous rainy day lighting and the size of the solar battery power, followed by the battery capacity, because the input energy is unstable, so the choice of lamps, the general configuration of the battery system can ensure stable working performance, and the battery capacity is generally selected according to The original: First, under the premise of meeting the lighting at night, try to store the energy required by daytime street lights; second, it should be able to store electricity to meet the needs of continuous rainy night lighting. The inclination angle of street lamp installation is also very important. Between aesthetics and energy saving, many manufacturers choose energy saving. Generally, the street lamps are set at a 45-degree inclination to maintain high work efficiency.


Mistei Lighting sincerely recommends everyone to use solar street lights, because it can bring a lot of convenience to our life and keep the environment sustainable. Customized solar street lights can be more suitable for everyone's needs for lighting and beautifying the environment. When solar street lamp designers design solar street lamps according to these three design elements, the lighting and decorative effects of street lamps will definitely be further improved.

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