How long is the service life of a solar street light? How to prolong the service life of solar street lights?
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The utilization rate of solar street lights in urban construction is increasing everywhere.


Solar street lamps have many more distinguished features than those traditional electric street lights. For instance, they are based on environmentally friendly technology; and their research and production costs are naturally higher than traditional street lamps. Although the price is higher than ordinary street lights, they still have a broad market. The main reason is that compared to conventional street lights, solar street lights have the characteristics of easy installation, safety, long service life, and low maintenance costs.


What is the lifespan of solar street lights?


Normally, solar street lights can be used for about 5 to 10 years. Because solar street lamps are composed of many parts, and the service life of each component is different, the specific service life should be based on the actual thing used. For example:


At present, the lifespan of lamp beads on the market is generally around 50000 hours,


The lifespan of solar panels is over 20 years.


The lifespan of the controller is generally over 10 years, depending on the lifespan of the electronic components used.


The lifespan of the battery is short for solar street lamps, typically 2-4 years for lead-acid batteries and 4-8 years for lithium batteries, depending on the manufacturer's materials used.


Before purchasing a solar street LED light, it's necessary to know its service life so that we could compare its cost with a traditional electric street lamp. As a whole, the lifespan of a solar street lamp could be 2-4 years.


We’d better know the lifespan of a solar street outdoor LED light and compare it with that of a traditional electric street light so that we could understand its advantages. Different parts of a solar street lamp might have different service lifetime. Generally, the lifespan of a solar street light could be 4-8 years.


Of course, we could prolong its service life by changing some components. For instance, when we find that the battery doesn’t work well after 4-8 years of service, we could replace it with a new one so that it could work well for another 4-8 years.

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