Mistei Lighting Teaches You How to Maintain Solar LED Street Lights: Routine Maintenance to a Large Number of Solar LED Lights
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As a professional and experienced manufacturer of solar LED lights, Mistei Lighting (www.szmistei.com) recommends users could prolong the service time of solar lights through delivering some routine maintenance. This blog focuses on explaining how solar LED street lights could be maintained by users who are using many solar lights. The former blog is written for users who are just using several solar lights. When you’re managing many solar lights to light up those big areas outdoor, you should do the follow things as routine maintenance. This is important to ensure your solar lights could work well under harsh weathers. For instance, when you fail to move a piece of plastic wrap from the solar panel, the solar light will not get enough power from the panel, which could end up with some bad experience. Nine important things are discussed in the follow section as routine maintenance to a large number of solar LED lights.



1. Contingency measures to deal with harsh weathers. In case of wind, rain, snow or thunderstorm, you should immediately check whether the switchboard is broken,whether there is water in the control room and the battery, whether the equipment is working normally after the storm, and whether the charge and discharge controller is OK. If something is wrong, you should resort to emergent repair. Otherwise, the small problem might escalate into a bigger one.


2. Routine inspection of solar street light sources is relatively simple. First of all, the impact of hard and sharp objects is still strictly prohibitedbecause they could scratch or even break the lights. At the same time, the working status of the light source should be checked regularly. Once it is found that individual lamp beads are not bright, it must be repaired in time to avoid damage to the entire lamp.


3. When the weather turnsbad, check whether the battery connection wire and the ground wire are in good contact and whether they are falling off. Check for loose or broken battery board brackets. Call up emergent repair when necessary.


4. The daily maintenance of solar panels is very important. Because the solar panel is a key component to provide energy to the solar street light system, it is necessary to ensure that the solar panels are complete, clean and well illuminated. In order to prevent hard objects or sharp objects from damaging it, it is strictly forbidden to throw sundries on the solar panel, regularly clean and check, and the branches that block the solar panel should be repaired in time.


5. Inspection and maintenance of solar light poles and accessories.It is particularly important to pay attention to the complete configuration of the street lamp inspection and installation gate. If it is damaged or lost, it should be repaired in time. Since the solar street light controller and related lines are installed inside, it is easy to cause short circuit and damage after rainwater enters, and the wire is easy to disconnect due to open circuit, which seriously affects the service life of the solar street light system.


6. Solar cell phalanx lighting should always be kept clean. If there is dust or other dirt, please wipe it gently with clean gauze water, do not clean it with hard objects or corrosive solvents.


7. The maintenance of solar batteries mainly includestwo things. First, pay attention to anti-theft; second, check whether the charging and discharging are normal - you can refer to the working status of the controller for preliminary judgment; at the same time, you can check the power capacity of the battery ; It is strictly forbidden to adjust the working state of the solar  controller without authorization to avoid battery overcharging and over-discharging.


8. Pay attention to the appearance of the lamp post after installation. Starting from the foundation construction, control the straightness of the position of the lamps according to the main line, and make reasonable changes according to the road design. The light pole should be straight, and the processed welds and inspectionopenings should not in the same line with the main direction.


9. Check the controller regularly. This opponent could affect the lighting time and brightness change. Since each component of the solar street lightingsystem has a different service life, the battery and controller are mainly responsible for controlling the brightness and lighting time. If it is found that the lighting time of the light is insufficient, first check the battery power supply, and then the  Each controller comes with a manual and usually comes with a working status light. On this basis, this status light could be used to judge whether the solar lighting system is working normally.


Although outdoor solar lights are usually stable, sturdy and safe to use, their performance could be compromised by some external factors, such as harsh weathers and human factors. For example, the light post is moved by people. In order to ensure solar LED lights could keep providing high quality service to people, users should do the routine maintenance as discussed above in this blog, particularly when some harsh weathers strike. Mistei Lighting (www.szmistei.com) hopes everybody could leave a sustainable lifestyle through using solar lights to light up their lives.

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