How to maintain solar street lights in winter
Mistei, a professional manufacturer of solar LED lights 2022-12-30T07:36:44.000+0000

Winter could be regarded as the "peak period" of solar street lamps since many problems could occur to them. One of the most common problems is that the lighting time of solar lamps is insufficient at night. In other words, they will not light up at expected brightness or in the required time lapses. The reason for this problem is mainly due to the decreased battery performance. So how should we do to maintain solar street lights in winter? This blog focuses on discussing what we should do to ensure solar street lights could work well for as during those cold wintry days.


The most common reason for solar street lights’ poor performance is the low configuration of their lighting system. The sunlight in winter is not as much as that in other seasons. The solar panel could not absorb enough sunshine to generate enough electricity for the light. At the same time, the discharge of the battery in winter is only 70% of that in summer, so the time for lighting up in winter will be insufficient. In other seasons, the battery has sufficient power to light up the LED beads for more than 6 hours. However, the battery power is only enough to light up for two or three hours in 24 hours and then there is no power at all. How could this happen to the battery? Specifically, there are several reasons for insufficient battery feeding in winter.


First, the battery will be "frostbitten" due to the cold weather in winter, resulting in insufficient discharge. Generally, in cold areas, the battery should be buried to a depth of at least 1m, and the bottom should be paved with 20cm sand to facilitate the dissipation of water, so as to extend the battery life. Lithium batteries need to be insulated with insulating cotton.


Second, the solar panel does not generate enough electricity. When it cannot get enough sunshine, the electricity converted by the solar panel during the day is not enough to fill the battery. In winter, the sun will move south and the solar altitude angle will decrease, resulting in insufficient light. In some places, the solar panel is blocked by high objects such as houses and trees or partially blocked for light, resulting in insufficient power generation.


Third, the solar panel has not been cleaned for a long time, and there is too much dust, which affects the solar panel to produce electricity. In some places, it often snows and the snow covers the solar panel, resulting in insufficient power generation. Therefore, the dust and snow on the solar panel should be cleaned regularly, and it is better to clean it every two months.


Last, the solar panel has reached a certain service life. If the battery has certain charge and discharge times, the power will gradually decrease with the increase of use times. Therefore, it is normal that the lighting time of solar street lamps will gradually decrease after more than 3 years of use. Replacing the energy storage battery can solve the problem.


The solar street lamp system produced by Mistei Lighting is calculated and configured according to the worst weather environment in winter in the installation area. As long as you follow our installation requirements, there will be no shortage of lights and light sources going out during the warranty period. Please rest assured that you can use it.


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