Mistei Lighting Makes Efforts to Seize the Opportunity in the Solar Lighting Market
Mistei, a professional manufacturer of solar LED lights 2023-02-08T02:53:30.000+0000

Outstanding Advantages of Solar Energy


Solar energy is increasingly regarded as the cleanest and pollution-free energy. Solar photovoltaic power generation is made of solar cells, batteries, controllers, and illuminating beads. It enjoys several advantages of cleanliness and safety which couldn’t be matched by other sustainable energy solution, such as hydro-power, thermal power, and nuclear power. 
It has become an inevitable trend to use solar energy in the world. China is also rich in solar energy resources, which stimulates the development of solar street LED light industry. 

Mistei is committed to the mission of lighting a better world for people with solar energy. Since solar energy resource is inexhaustible and sustainable, we believe our business will get prosperous in future. While bringing solar energy to light people’s life, we can make this world stay clean and livable. 

Potential of the Solar Lighting Industry 

In today's increasingly tight energy and power supply, traditional urban lighting with low efficiency and high consumption has become an important area of energy conservation and consumption reduction. To this end, the Ministry of Construction and the Development and Reform Commission clearly proposed that urban road lighting should develop in the direction of "green lighting" that is "efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy".
Mistei predicts that the market segment of outdoor solar LED street lights will keep increasing and inevitably overgrow the segment of fluorescent lamps at last. Mistei believes that more and more customers will choose outdoor solar LED street lights to light up their yards, driveways, decks, barns, terraces, squares and so on. We're are ready to handle with more international OEM/ODM orders. 


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