Brilliant Ideas to Light up Our Swimming Pool with Outdoor Solar Lights
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Everybody loves swimming and playing in water during hot summer months. A party with friends or family by the swimming pool is always so attractive that nobody wants to leave till it’s very late at night. What’s more, night swimming has become an ongoing luxury for many people in the summer vacation. However, it could be dangerous for people to do night swimming when there is no sufficient light around the pool. Mistei Lighting wants to suggest you choose appropriate outdoor solar lights to light up your poolsides so that you can not only make your night poor parties and swimming more enjoyable but also make it safe for people to walk around the pool at night. With Mistei lighting solutions, you can light up every corner of your property in your yard so that you can enjoy your life more. Below are three ideas from the R&D team of Mistei Lighting. We wish they could help you when you decide to install outdoor lighting system around you swimming pool.


Mistei solar pool lighting


Firstly, you are suggested to light up the pathway fully around the pool. Usually, there are some pathway leading up to the pool or running behind it. Some people might have a big yard with a pathway leading up to the stairs of the swimming pool. Just imagine, you and your friends are having a night swimming party at night around the pool and they walk around to socialize with others and pick up things around the yard. Sufficient light source is very important for their safety and joy. It is one of the most common solution to illuminate our swimming pools to light up the pathway. Mistei Lighting have several models of garden lights for you to choose. They are well-designed to improve the aesthetics of the surrounding landscape. Although they are industrial products, they don’t look dull like other hi-technological products do. Their beautiful shapes and shadows in the park or garden at daytime and night could increase a fun whimsical experience to your water party or night swimming. In other words, our solar garden lights could not only light up the pathway around your swimming pool but also improve your experience in the park.


Mistei pool lighting for safet and pleasant


Secondly, Mistei Lighting recommends landscape lighting to increase you enjoyment around the swimming pool. Thanks to its own power source, outdoor solar landscape lights do not need any wires. So, it is very convenient for you to choose the light and where to install it. You don’t need consider how to connect your lights to electricity. You just need find a place where the solar panel could obtain sufficient sunshine during the day. At night, the landscape lights could bring mysterious and peaceful atmosphere around your swimming pool. They can keep your property glowing through the night while showing off the yard retreat. Besides, landscape lights could also increase the safety when you and your friends walking around the swimming pool in the backyard.


Solar LED lights could light up the poolside and ensure people's safety and create some pleasant atmosphere.


Thirdly, Mistei Lighting suggests you could install stairway lighting to increase the fun from the swimming pool. Usually, there is stairs around the pool which could be a little bit dangerous for some people at night. Stair lighting should be part of your outdoor solar lighting design. First of all, it could provide light source for you and your guests at nighttime so that they could walk safely down the steps and avoid some potential falls in the swimming pool. If you have a water-slide, some stairway lights become more important for you because children love the slide so much that they won’t pay enough attention to their steps. As a professional and experienced manufacturer of solar LED lights, Mistei Lighting high recommended stairway lights because they could provide stable light source to ensure people’s safety at night.


It's immportant to install outdoor solar LED light for swimming pools.


Lastly, Mistei Lighting believes poolside lighting is another important part for your swimming pool lighting project. High-quality outdoor solar LED lights could properly illuminate your backyard so that your party time with your friends or nighttime swimming could be prolonged. Under the romantic atmosphere created by those outdoor LED lights around your pool, you will feel comfortable and want to stay longer.


Mistei Lighting strongly recommends installing outdoor solar lights for your swimming pool.


Based on Mistei Lighting’s experience in outdoor LED lights, we have seen many customers fall in love our beautiful lighting systems in their backyards. We’re happy to see them enjoy lives when they’re using our products.




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