What is a solar wall washing lamp (solar LED wall washer)? How do we install it?
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What is solar wall washing lamp? 


In recent years, solar wall washing lamps have become more and more popular in many countries. When the night comes, these LED wall washers illuminate the buildings’ walls just like other kinds of solar lights do. Their light could demonstrate the aesthetics of the building in the quiet environment at night that could draw people’s attention. 

Solar wall washing lamps (also called as solar LED wall washers), as the name implies, are lamps that can let the light wash the wall like water flows on it. And they have solar photovoltaic panels and batteries that can convert sunlight in the day into electricity, store it, and convert the electricity into light at night, making LED lamp beads glow. Mistei Lighting introduces a new type of solar wall washing lamp, which is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and beautification, such as shopping malls, hotels, clubs, bridges, docks, interest of places, etc.. At night, the light of the solar wall washing lamp is used to outline large buildings, which not only enhances the aesthetic value of the building, but also increases the commercial value of the building by attracting more customers to come. 

The Wall washing lamp mainly redefines its projection distance and focus uniformity by adjusting the bidirectional luminous angle of LED light source through secondary light distribution. Mistei Lighting’s wall washing lamps can focus their light more than those from other brands on showing the appearance of the architectural outline from line to surface in a three-dimensional way, so as to present the surface of the object in a three-dimensional way, leaving a deep impression on viewers. 


Tools: a screwdriver and screws


Installation Steps:

1.Develop a plan before installation according to the position of the wall washing lamp and power supply.
2.During installation, adjust the irradiation angle of the lamp, and accordingly fix the lamp firmly with screws;
3. Connect the lamp and power cord firmly, and wrap the unused ends with waterproof tape; During the installation and wiring, the number of wall washing lamps in series shall be kept at about 5~6 to prevent the rear end voltage drop when there are many series lamps;
4. After the installation is completed, please check the installation circuits, and confirm that the installation is correct and there is no electrical short circuit, and then connect the corresponding control power supply; If problems occur during installation, please consult the professional technicians of the lamp manufacturer. 


During the installation and maintenance of the wall washing lamp, it shall be 100% ensured that the power is cut off; 
Solar wall washing lamps are only suitable to use on the surface of non-combustible materials, and thermal insulation pads or similar materials shall not cover the surface of lamps at any time. 

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