What is true environmentalism? How do individuals participate in environmental protection?
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With the continuous development of technology, industrial production has had a profound impact on the environment. In order to protect the environment, two schools of thoughts have emerged: environmentalism and anti-environmentalism. Environmentalists advocate  developing new energy technologies, increasing vegetation coverage, and advocating resource conservation and recycling; Anti-environmentalists oppose industrialization and globalization. Obviously, the former is more suitable for contemporary society, and true environmentalism should not oppose industrial development, but finding solutions for the coexistence of human society and nature.

This blog discusses what true environmentalism is in order to help everyone understand its meaning, develop the ability to distinguish between true and false environmentalism measures, and contribute to the environmental protection through their own efforts in daily life.


An environmentally friendly lifestyle

Environmentalism may sound like a long way off, but there are actually many small things within our power, such as not using disposable plastic bags, reducing white pollution, and improving resource utilization. This is a typical example of resource reuse. Not littering, not stepping on the lawn, and protecting trees are environmental measures that most human resources can take.


Environmentally friendly travel

With the improvement of people's quality of life, public transportation is not suitable for all situations, and private cars have gradually become a necessity. Driven by the overall environment, new energy vehicles have emerged. New energy vehicles not only consume no fuel, but can also be charged at night, avoiding power waste at night, emitting no exhaust gas, wasting no energy, and utilizing spare energy with just one move.


More use of clean energy

Using renewable and clean energy to serve our lives is no longer a new thing. The development of science and technology provides us with a variety of options in the application of clean energy: wind energy, water power, tidal energy, solar energy, etc. Especially solar power generation technology has become very common and complete. The government has built large solar farms in open areas on the edges to provide electricity support for nearby cities. At the same time, installing small solar home energy systems has become a trend in suburban and rural areas with spacious living conditions. We can purchase solar power generation products in the market and assemble them into a complete energy system, or choose to purchase multi in one solar lights, such as street lights, garden lamps, courtyard lanterns and step lights. There is no need to pay any electricity bills and there will be no pollution to the environment.



True environmentalism is not about demanding that others not use energy and lower their living standards under the banner of environmental protection. It is about proposing solutions and guiding people to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle to use energy in their actual lives, while minimizing harm to the environment while ensuring that everyone's living standards remain unchanged. True environmental subjects not only protect the environment, but also contribute to social development, striving to promote harmonious development between adults and nature.

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