Using solar energy to light up not only your yards but also your rooms: A Brief Look at the Indoor Solar Lights
Andy Dong from Mistei Lighting 2022-11-22T06:47:03.000+0000

The global solar lighting system market is predicted to hit $10.8 billion by 2024. It’s time to buy solar lights to live a sustainable life now. However, it’s not a easy thing for use to light up our homes in an energy-efficient and aesthetic way. It’s common to see those outdoor solar lights in streets, yards, walls, barn entries and other outdoor places. However, when using solar energy to light up rooms, people might worry about the prolonged cords from solar panels to the lights within the house inside could decrease the aesthetic value of rooms. Besides, they might not be used to using solar lights inside the house. While outdoor solar lights are getting more and more common, the indoor solar light market is growing. More and more people would like to choose them to light up their house. At the same time, R&D teams in solar light factories have striven to upgrade the aesthetic values their indoor lights.


Different from choosing outdoor lights, people are concerned more about the looks of indoor solar lights. After all, the development of solar energy application in lighting, people have little concern about their quality and performance. There are more outdoor solar light models than indoor solar lights. It could be daunting for people to choose these limited models in the market. People will need different indoor solar lights to match their interior decoration in their rooms. In other words, while indoor solar lights are supposed to be cost-efficient as their outdoor counterparts, they are supposed to contribute some decorative values to the room while giving out light. In this blog, I will explain the different practical features of indoor solar lights from those of their outdoor counterparts.


It's completely achievable to use solar lights as indoor light resource. When installing indoor solar lights, you just need install the solar panel outdoor where it can get enough sunshine and mount the light, such as LED bulbs or heads in the room where it’s used as light resource. Then, the solar battery will be charged up and the light can illuminate indoors. This could also be regarded as one of the significant advantages of solar lights: simple to install and flexible enough in many occasions.


By alternating the installation method, a solar light can be installed either on the indoor ceiling or on the outdoor wall. Similarly, these lamps solar panels to generate electricity. When used to light up indoor rooms, the solar panels are place outdoors and connected with the lamp by a 5-8 meter waterproof wire. When used outdoor, such a long wire is not needed.


Household indoor solar lights need to provide light resource continuously for indoor rooms. So, they are supposed to have large solar panels which could possibly produce continuous power. In order to adapt to changes in sunshine intensity, the power configuration of solar panels could be changed at any time.


Similar to outdoor solar lights, indoor solar lights enjoy these four advantages.


1. Environmental protection and energy saving

Compared with those traditional street lights driven by electricity, solar lights rely on solar energy which is clean and sustainable.


2. Durable

The direct current of solar lights is pulse-modulated into a pulsating constant-current power supply, with no resistance current limiting, high power supply efficiency, and minimal loss. All these features could greatly reduce LED heat generation, cut down LED light decay, and prolong LED life by 36,000 hours, that is, more than 10 years. As for consumers, a durable light could help them save some money when they don’t need pay for changing light bulbs or maintenance the lighting system.


3. Security

The extremely low power supply of outdoor/indoor solar lights has no danger of electric shock and is not easy to be damaged during installation, maintenance and use, while their traditional counterparts have high voltage, are not easy to be damaged, and have great safety hazards. Usually, people have to spend money maintaining them to ensure their continuous performance.


4.Low maintenance cost

Compared with ordinary street lights, the maintenance cost of outdoor/indoor solar lights is much lower. They don’t need long wires for connection. Besides, they are free away from being damaged by electricity supply just like traditional electricity-powered lights.


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