What is a solar wall light? What difference it has than an ordinary electric light?
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A wall lamp is a lighting device in our life, commonly seen hanging on both sides of the bed in our bedroom. They do not only light up but also decorate our rooms. With the continuous development of the solar energy application technology, solar wall lights are becoming more and more common, especially in parks and yards. So what is a solar wall light? What are the advantages of solar wall lights?


What is asolar wall lamp?

A wall lamp is a lamp hanging on the wall. It can not only illuminate the room, but also play a decorative role. When solar energy is used to power up this wall lamp, it is a solar wall lamp. It  converts sunlight into electric energy and then driven to make it glow. 

A solar wall lamp could be either used indoor or outdoor since we could use wires to connect its light sources with solar panels. The former could be either inside or outside the house and latter must be located outdoor to receive enough sunshine exposures. In reality, outdoor solar wall lamps are more common than indoor ones.


Advantages of solar wall lamp

1.The most outstanding advantage of solar wall lamps is that it’s clean, environment-friendly and pollution-free. Under the sunlight in the daytime, solar photovoltaic panels could convert the sunshine into electrical energy, and then store it in the battery to achieve automatic charging. At night, the lamp will be powered to light by the electricity stored in the battery. This is how a solar wall lamp could automatically recharge to work for people. During both processes of charging and recharging, no pollution is generated or absorbed.  


2. Intelligent control: The solar wall lamp hasan intelligent switch that is actually an automatic light control switch. With it, the solar wall lamp will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. No manual adjustment is required. It becomes a smart light without our manual operation and adjustment.


3. Nothingneeded for power connection: the solar lamp does not need electricity to power it up so no wiring connection to the power supply is needed. Thanks to this feature, no maintenance is required on the wires.


4. The solar lamp has a longer service lifethan the traditional electric light. Usually, a no-filament LED bulb in a solar lamp can reach 50,000 hours under the condition of normal use without external damage. The service life of the incandescent lamp is only 1,000 hours, and that of an energy-saving lamp is 8,000 hours. Obviously, the service life of the solar wall lamp’s LED bulb far exceeds that of the incandescent lamp and the energy-saving lamp. This could help people save much money but bring them little maintenance work.


5. Less harmful pollution after use: Ordinary electric lamps generally contain mercury and xenon, which will cause great pollution to the environment when they are discarded. But the solar wall lamp does not contain So even if it is abandonedinto the environment, it will not cause dangerous pollution to the environment.


6. No harm of ultraviolet and infrared rays: Using ordinary electric lamps could make people’s eye long-term exposed to ultraviolet and infrared rayswhich could cause harm to their eyes. Solar wall lamps do not produce these harmful light, so even if we are exposed to their light for a long time, they will not cause harm to our  eyes.



Solar wall lights are important for people’s lives. Compared with those traditional electric lights, they are safer, more stable, more convenient and cheaper with less maintenance work and costs. Besides, since they are using one of the cleanest energies in the earth, they are more friendly to nature and better for the sustainable development of the entire human society.


Mistei Lighting highly recommends we should use solar lights to replace those ordinary electric lights so that our life could be safer, more comfortable and convenient and cause less pollution to the natural environment. In our website ( www.szmistei.com), there are many well-designed solar wall lamps for you to choose. We will happy to see people enjoying their life better with Mistei Lighting’s service and products.

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