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New product release: Portable and foldable solar power bank, providing strong power for outdoor sports lovers


We are pleased to announce that our new portable and foldable solar power bank has been officially launched. This power bank can provide power for various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and LED lights, with a capacity of up to 10000 milliamperes, which is enough to meet your outdoor sports needs.


The biggest feature of this solar powered charging bank is environmental protection and pollution-free. It uses solar charging technology and can fully charge the battery after being exposed to the sun for 4 to 6 hours. Of course, if you are indoors or in low sun conditions, you can also charge it with mains power. This environmentally friendly charging method can reduce environmental pollution and make your outdoor life healthier and more environmentally friendly.


In addition to environmental protection, another highlight of this power bank is its foldable design. Its lightweight and foldable characteristics make it very suitable for outdoor use. You can keep it in your backpack and use it anytime. It can also adjust its orientation towards sunlight to ensure optimal solar charging effect.


In addition, this power bank also has various data cable connection functions. Whether you are using a phone, tablet, or LED light, you can connect to this power bank through various data cables to provide power for your device. This variety of data cable connection functions greatly meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, making your outdoor life more convenient. We believe that this portable and foldable solar power bank will become an indispensable companion for your outdoor life. We have always been committed to providing customers with better products and services, hoping to provide strong power for your outdoor activities through this power bank, making your outdoor life more enjoyable and vibrant.


The release of this portable and foldable solar powered charging bank not only provides outdoor athletes with a more convenient and environmentally friendly charging method, but also reflects the widespread application of solar technology in modern society. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people's demand for environmentally friendly products is also increasing. We believe that with the continuous progress of technology, more and more environmentally friendly products will be developed, bringing more convenience to people's lives and making greater contributions to environmental protection. In this rapidly developing era, we should maintain an optimistic and positive attitude and make our own contributions to building a better future.

A great business trip to Uganda:

Mistei Lighting Took a Great Step to Africa Market

In the beginning of January of 2023, Mistei Lighting management and engineers took a business trip to Uganda. We explored the local market, communicated with our business partners, friends and local residents, and introduced our new products to them. We found that Uganda is a country full of hope. The people there are exchanging their hard work for a happy life. Although their economic conditions are still in an underdeveloped state, they are enthusiastic, brave, industrious and sincere, and full of confidence in the future. 


Through our investigation of the local lighting market, we found that the solar lighting industry is undergoing a rapid growth in Uganda and even in Africa. We conclude that Africa has become an important market destination for the companies in the lighting industry. Besides, the increasing solar lighting projects in this continent will accelerate local economies and enhance people’s life. Mistei Lighting should seize this opportunity to promote our products into Africa, helping local people realize their dream of having a better life. We should understand and then present what solar lighting products they need. 


Our local friends gave us a warm welcome in the lobby of the hotel. 



Solar street lights in Kampala, Uganda



A local electric market where solar lights are quite popular



Communicating with our local friends



Introducing our products 



Wow, so dazzling 


This 10-day business trip is very meaningful for Mistei Lighting. The management and engineers took a close look at this newly rising market. Mistei Lighting understands the importance of Africa market due to the big potential it has. Many streets in Uganda need to be lighted up to improve the safety for local residents as well as the local economy. The insufficient on-grid power supply makes solar street lights the best and only choice for local people. 

As a professional and experienced manufacturer of solar lights, Mistei Lighting is able to design solar lights according to local conditions. The smart chips and sensors built inside our products have made them smart enough for people to regulate their work time and brightness to meet local people’s lighting needs. For instance, we could change the start and end time in different seasons so that the light could keep lighting when it’s dark. 

Mistei Lighting is committed to the mission of lighting up a better world with solar energy. 



Mistei Lighting, a United and Cohesive Family

Mistei is a united and cohesive team where colleagues help each other like family members do. Our boss is always nice and close to us in Mistei. All employees are working wholeheartedly together as for Mistei's great mission: lighting up a better world for people with solar energy. 


Mistei had a pleasant dinner party in the Mid-Autumn Festival. We had a big and happy dinner then received beautiful and delicious moon cakes.


In Mistei, we enjoy such a good working environment. We believe that good atmosphere could help us improve working efficiency.


2022/7/15 Pleasant environment and atmosphere like a family


2022/9/13 Boss invites employees to dinner


In Mistei, we enjoy such a good working environment. We believe that good atmosphere could help us improve working efficiency.

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