Our Mission

Mistei is committed to lighting up a better world for people with solar energy. We believe that people could enjoy a better life because of the convenience and kindness we bring to them with our products and service.


Mistei is striving to improve people’s life with high quality products. Our outdoor solar lights could light up their houses, yards, barns, gardens, streets and other outdoor places. Solar energy resource is both sustainable and inexhaustible. Our solar lighting products could bring much light to people with little pollution.With our products, people could improve their social and economic lives.


At the same time, Mistei sticks to the customer-first principle. We wholesale and retail the best outdoor solar lights and committed to building long-term partnerships with our customers. Our services should always demonstrate much patience and kindness which are important part of the better world we’re committed to lighting up. We use different medias and methods to communicate with our customers, such as SNSs and emails. Our international salesperson team will respond to inquiries as soon as possible and provide the information customers want so that they could make appropriate decisions for needs. Our R&D team would like to offer solar energy lighting solutions to customers. Our logistic team will try the best to start the shipment as soon as possible and update customers with the shipment information for customers to tack their orders.


Communicate with customers through various channels




  Always ready to serve our customers timely and warmly

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           Make the delivery ASAP and help customers track their orders       

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Our warehouse is Well-Organised Clean and Tidy.



Let's work together to light up a better world for people with solar energy.



We have completed some solar lighting projects to light up highways, roads and streets.



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