Our Projects

Mistei This straight path was lighted up with Mistei Lighting's solar street lights in December, 2022. Now, it's convenient for people in nearby neighbourhoods to come out for a walk during the day or at night. 



“With these new solar lawn lights, we can walk safely at night. I really love them”, said Mr. Chu, a customer of Mistei Lighting. Solar outdoor LED lights are safe, stable, energy-saving and non-pollutant. Happy to see our products improve their lives.



Mistei Lighting’s solar lawn lights are used to light the walkway to a residence in Shenzhen, Canton China.



A customer is demonstrating our newly-designed solar wall lights in the outside wall of his shop. “These solar wall lights are really cool. They give off splendid light to decorate our shop. I’m sure the amazing light effect will attract more customers to come into my shop”, said he.



“Thanks to Mistei’s solar street lights. Our village has been lit up with 180 solar lights from Mistei Lighting. When everyplace is lighted, we feel safe and comfortable when going out at night. Besides, we don’t need pay any money for the power bills,” said a customer before us when they sending me these photos of the lighting project in his village.



Last week, 32 solar street lights (MST-SR-002) were installed to light a country road in Hubei Province, China.

“This is definitely a great upgrade in our village’s living conditions. No worries of coming home at night. We still chose solar lights although we could use the grid power. Going solar is safer, less pollutant and cheaper. Thanks, Mistei Lighting”, a villager said.



“Since I installed these solar lawn lamps in our min-garden, we’ve spent much more time talking and resting in it after night meal every night,” Mr. Chow said.

The landscape of this lovely yard has been definitely improved with Mistei Lighting’s solar lawn lights: MST-SL-010.



After being rebuilt with asphalt, this small road was equipped with 65 solar street lights of Mistei Lighting: MST-SR-002. “Thanks to this great solar lighting projects, we could come out and back to the village at night. And we don’t need pay any money for the power bills from these lights. We’re happy to see this improvement in our village”, commented Mr. Xu, a villager who was watching this road being lighted up at dusk.

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